Neuromotion Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic that is uniquely positioned to treat people with neurological impairments.

MPT Placements!


Tis the season for UBC student placements! Today is the last day of our 10-week stint at Neuromotion Vancouver of back-to-back first year Master of Physical Therapy student practicums. Congratulations to Amanda and Hershal on completing their first placements in the MPT program, and good luck in the rest of the journey to your 2015 graduation! At Neuromotion Victoria, Kaitlyn is in her second last placement before she graduates this year.

Taking on students is just one of the many ways that Neuromotion Physiotherapy strives to provide the most rewarding physiotherapy experience possible. It benefits everyone involved in the process - the client, the student, and the therapist/clinic.

How it benefits the client:
Students bring enthusiasm and have been taught many skills for entry-level practice. They are able to assess and treat under the supervision of a physiotherapist and so we often offer extra treatment time with the student to clients, depending on the client and student's skill level. Having a student in the clinic also means extra hands for various treatment postures and techniques.

How it benefits the student:
Students learn a lot of theory while in school, and the clinical setting allows them to put that knowledge into practice. At Neuromotion, students experience a very specialized and unique clinical setting. Our therapists dedicate their time to help students gain the most from their placement; they prepare for weeks ahead of time, teach the students hands-on every day, and frequently meet to review the student's progress. These students are our future colleagues, so we give our best effort to begin shaping them into the clinician they want to be.

How it benefits the therapist and clinic:
You may or may not believe this, but students are a very important resource for our therapists! Students bring the latest knowledge and research that is being taught at university to the clinical setting. They bring a curiosity and desire to improve, which challenges our therapists to be able to explain their actions, provide rationale, and be on their A-game at all times. We want to be the model that these students base their growth on. Above that, having a student allows therapists to get into certain treatments that are impossible to do on their own.

In closing, taking on students is something Neuromotion is proud to do. We look forward to our future students, and wish the best of luck to our current and past students!