Neuromotion Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic that is uniquely positioned to treat people with neurological impairments.

MyndMove comes to Neuromotion!


We are having an Open House to demonstrate our MyndMove device!


When: Wednesday October 14th, 2015 | 5 pm - 7 pm (For our Vancouver clinic) --- Thursday October 29th, 2015 | 3 pm - 5 pm (For our Victoria clinic)

Where: 1688 West 6th Avenue (Vancouver) --- 303-351 Yates Street (Victoria)

Please contact us to reserve your spot!


MyndMove is a new and exciting modality developed by MyndTec Inc. right here in Canada! Using an 8 channelled functional electrical stimulation (FES) device, MyndMove's aim is to improve purposeful movement of a client's arm and hand. Different from a typical FES system, MyndMove is a dynamic therapy where a patient actively attempts a desired movement assisted by a therapist while being stimulated. It is the hope that with this therapy, a person would regain purposeful patterns of movement to better independance and in turn, improve quality of life. Currently, MyndMove is helping to treat paralysis in individuals that have suffered from a stroke or a spinal cord injury.


There have been numerous clinical studies looking at how effective MyndMove has on recovery. The results have shown that people with high level spinal cord injuries (C1-C7) and anyone with a stroke (acute or chronic) has had some lasting recovery in their upper extremities after an intensive bout with the MyndMove product.



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