Neuromotion Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic that is uniquely positioned to treat people with neurological impairments.

TrailRider 2014!


This weekend was Neuromotion's annual Trailrider event at Jericho beach. The TrailRider is a mobility device that allows people with disabilities all-terrain access. It is a light-weight, maneuverable chair that is propelled by one pusher and one to two pullers. With the assistance of a couple of our staff and some very fit and energetic volunteers, our clients had the opportunity to feel the wind in their hair as they were jogged ocean-side along the gravel trails and even over the sand of Jericho beach.  We were worried that the weather wasn't going to cooperate, but it ended up being a very pleasant day, and not too hot for our hard-working sherpas. There were smiles aplenty, and even some cheers from enthusiastic onlookers. One of our clients remarked that she felt like royalty being carried in her throne!  New this year was the beach chair that has huge inflatable tires and is able to go into the ocean. Although it was not quite hot enough out to entice anyone to try going all the way into the water, our youngest trailrider of the day got to be bounced around along the waters edge and dunked her legs in! Rumour has it that next year Ryan promises there will be music and a BBQ... can't wait for TrailRider 2015!