Mindful Sensations Workshop Coming to Victoria

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Victoria Neuromotion is cohosting an amazing workshop with StudioBe!

The first info session will be this Wednesday night at 6:30!

This workshop is intended for anyone experiencing ongoing difficulties with their sensory system and are curious about how mindfulness and sensory regulation may help.  It is recommended that participants have access to a healthcare clinician for ongoing support if needed.

This workshop includes education, experiential learning, reflection and group discussion.

Through formal and informal mindfulness practices, participants will learn to pay attention to their moment-to-moment sensory experience while letting go of the need for things to be different. As they practice releasing resistance to discomfort, they will learn to experience whatever presents itself with openness and non-judgement. As participants practice expanding their experience to include all sensory information, they will begin to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Through experiential learning, participants will learn what is calming, alerting and grounding for their sensory system. Participants will create a sensory toolbox and sensory space that will enhance their ability to remain grounded.

Participants will:

  • Build awareness about the nervous system
  • Understand the sensory system’s response to internal and external stimuli
  • Learn to apply sensory tools to become calm, alert and grounded
  • Create a sensory space and sensory toolbox
  • Develop a personal mindfulness practice
  • Practice releasing resistance
  • Learn the relationship between their physical sensations, thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • Learn to include all experience as it is with kindness

Workshop Details:

What: Mindful Sensations

Length: 2 hour weekly sessions for 8 weeks (includes a short break)

When: Monday, November 18, 2019 (no class December 30th)

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Neuromotion Physiotherapy – Unit 100, 775 Topaz Ave, Victoria

You can RSVP to one of the info sessions here!

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