PRITI JADIYA - Registered Physiotherapist


Registered Physiotherapist


Masters of Physiotherapy (Neurosciences)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Certified  Manual Therapist

Certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment 

Certified in Dry needling

Vestibular Rehabilitation

R2P- Post concussion management  

Priti Jadiya graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Maharashtra University of Health science, India in 2009.  Following her undergrad, Priti completed the Masters of Physiotherapy specializing in Neurosciences in 2012.

She worked for  3 years in a renowned neuro-rehabilitation hospital in Mumbai before moving to Canada. With the quest for new experience, she relocated to Canada in the year 2015 and started practicing orthopaedics physiotherapy in a private clinic in Edmonton.

She is a Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association (NDTA) certified therapist in the management of Adults with Stroke and Brain Injury. She has gained various skills in orthopaedics like Manual Therapy Level 1 from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Spinal Manipulation Series 1 from Jim Meadows, Upper and Lower Quadrant Mulligan concept, Biomedical Dry needling, Mckenzie Part A: the Lumbar spine. She also completed her Basic and Advance certificate in Vestibular rehabilitation by Bernard Tonks. She has recently completed R2P post-concussion management course.

She has a special interest in balance and dizziness rehabilitation and would like to master the skill under the mentorship of Bernard. During her work in a neuro-rehab set up in India, she learned the importance of a multidisciplinary team approach for any condition may it be orthopaedic. Our body is a complex amalgamation of the diverse systems working in harmony with each other. This leads to a holistic approach to solving patient’s problems. She customizes her treatment plan by a thorough physical assessment, goal setting, manual therapy, soft tissue massage, dry needling and exercises prescription.

tting, manual therapy and soft tissue massage, dry needling and exercises prescription. She is proud to be a Physiotherapist as “we can make you live because just surviving is not enough”.

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