Registered Physiotherapist

Shannon received her Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of British Columbia. Prior to this, she completed a Master of Science degree looking at the neural control of posture and movement and specifically how fear of falling, anxiety, and autonomic arousal affect the vestibular system. Shannon is a lifelong learner that cannot get enough of school; along with working at Neuromotion, Shannon is currently completing her PhD in Neurorehabilitation and is investigating how the brain changes during recovery of walking after a stroke. Shannon is also a clinical skills assistant in the UBC Physical Therapy Program and is the co-chair of the BC Neurosciences Division.

Shannon has worked with a variety of neurological populations of all ages and believes that rehabilitation should always be fun and enjoyable. She encourages all of her clients to achieve an active lifestyle by doing the activities that they love.

Outside of work and reading research articles, Shannon loves to be outdoors in the wilderness. Living in the adventure capital of Canada (Squamish), Shannon can often be found climbing a rock or mountain. When her feet are on flat ground Shannon also plays ultimate frisbee, runs and paints.

Additional languages spoken: Indonesian