Mission Statement
To positively affect the lives of our clients and their families by dedicating our specialized knowledge, the latest innovations, and our compassion to provide the most rewarding rehabilitation experience possible.
Core Values
We are guided by the needs of our clients and their families. Our core values include compassion, empowerment, positivity, high-quality care, community, and ongoing learning.
Operational Principles
We inspire the will to challenge each other to maximize functional abilities. We deploy innovative equipment and treatment programs to benefit our clients. We dedicate our time to each client individually throughout each session.

Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey

We are here for you on your rehabilitation journey.

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Connected to our Communities!

Neuromotion Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation believes that connections to our clients and families helps in their recovery.  We are also connected to the different associations in British Columbia that focus on helping make rehabilitation fun.  Neuromotion is proud to be involved in different activities that highlight the neurological conditions we work with.  

Events we participate in include:

  • Vancouver Sun Run - join us for a virtual 2.5km run, walk, roll, waddle.  Contact anne@neuromotionphysio.com to register for Neurons in Motion Sun Run Team
  • MS Walk - coming in May 2021 - in each of our communities we encourage our clients and families to get out and walk the course.  Whether it is 1km or 5km, supporting each other in this recovery journey makes all the difference.
  • Wings for Life - connected with communities all over the world, try stay away from the virtual chase car.  A great event for everyone.
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Success Stories
Here is Barrie in the red hat doing some stick handling with our volunteer, Joseph!

Barrie has been a client at our Victoria clinic for over 3 years and has been working on balancing equally on both legs after experiencing a stroke.

A previous hockey player, maintaining his balance while moving the stick around to pass a ball is a huge accomplishment!

Barrie’s enthusiasm and kind nature make him a joy to have around the clinic! Keep working hard, Barrie! We look forward to your accomplishments in 2020.

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Doing what we love, to help you do what you love!

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