TeleRehab is OPEN!

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Neuromotion TeleRehab is Open
TeleRehabilitation is gaining traction across North America.  A recent US clinical trial published in JAMA Neurology (Cramer et al 2019) found that telerehab produces substantial gains in arm function after stroke, regardless of whether it was provided by home-based telerehabilitations or traditional inclinic rehabilitation.
Alex enjoying his TeleRehab sessions with Pauline.
Neuromotion TeleRehab
Our TeleRehab sessions are best experienced on a computer or laptop using Chrome.  Android devices seem Ok too. iOS devices (iPads) are also working.

To best prepare for your TeleRehab session, it is necessary to ensure you have a Jane app account.  To do this:Go to:
Enter the email that you get Neuromotion appointment reminders sent to then click Next. If you already know your password type it in. If you don’t know your password, click on the “New to us? Create and Account” and you will then set up your account using the email you gave to Neuromotion when you started with Neuromotion. Once into your account you will see all the fun options that Jane offers including signing in for your TeleRehab session.

Safety considerations:

To prepare for your TeleRehab session, please have this information ready to provide or confirm to your health care provider during the first 2 minutes of the session:
The address of the current home your session is taking place in (this is in case of emergency, if there is an adverse event that occurs during the session and paramedics need to be called).-How many other people are in the house with you and the phone number of someone in the house in case of emergency. Alternately, another member of your household can join you in the session, in the same room.-If no one else is in the house with you at the time of your session, the name and number of a neighbor to call in case of emergency.

To organize yourself and space we recommend:
Wearing clothes appropriate and comfortable to exercise in.
Ensure your space is organized and free of any clutter or tripping hazards.
Ensure you have enough space to complete your exercises in.
Ensure your space has good lighting
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