TeleRehab – Our Journey So Far!

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TeleRehab – Our Journey So Far!

Apr 20 Written By Anne Shaw

If someone had told me three months ago that our neurological clinic was to move everything on line I would have called them crazy. Don’t we do everything hands on? We are the clinic that spends one on one or two on one sessions assisting our clients, getting them back up on their feet. How do we do that through a computer screen? It didn’t make sense.

Four weeks into Covid-19 and I don’t know why we were not doing this before. Sure we had a few sessions over FaceTime with some clients up north but for everyone? That didn’t make sense. But in the an unprecedented time when a lot of things don’t make sense. TeleRehab makes sense.

Of course we were all a little concerned when we started, how would it work, what would we use. Is this really possible? Is it what is best for clients? I can tell you it is, especially in this challenging time. Staying connected with our clients was important to us, they are like family, people we really care about and want to make sure they are doing okay.

How is this all possible? For one, our practitioners are incredibly dedicated and hardworking people. They want to help our clients. There are some pretty challenging cases that really make you think. That is when the magic happens. Sessions may be a bit different, your are definitely not in the same room, but in some cases clients are telling us it is even harder than sessions they had in the clinic. The sessions are similar to what happened in the clinic but now the client is working and taking what the practitioner say and putting it into action by themselves or with the help of a loved one. We are even holding our group classes (GRASP, FAME, exercise, yoga) online and clients are loving it. One of the biggest challenges that Covid-19 threw at us was a loss of connection. Our group classes are connecting again and cheering each other on as we continue to fight to improve ourselves daily. Watching these determined practitioners collaborate to help clients, some clients they have only met briefly, is really impressive. It is like watching your favourite Team Canada team come together to score that game winning goal. Our staff really are special people!

But of course, the real superheros are our clients. The ones who have had something challenging come their way but still have the drive and determination to fight back and figure out a way to make things better. Covid-19 was just another challenge thrown their way. When we first started calling people about the idea of TeleRehab, I wasn’t sure what people would think. For many, the technology stood in the way, it wasn’t going to be easy. Some clients were willing to give it a go and were very patient as we all learned how to “connect” to each other. Once we did, wow did great things happen. Not every session was a simple click of a button to join the session but like our clients never giving up, we didn’t either. Once on the same screen, we couldn’t believe the energy that our clients had and the eagerness to try this new adventure with us. It was incredible. Sessions started out as short little tests of the systems and grew into full length 50 min sessions just like in the clinic. Our wonderful, determined clients have changed how we think of therapy. They have reminded us that a determined mind is able to do whatever it wants to do, even when separated by computer screens.

It may not be perfect for everyone, but give it a try, it may end up being better than you thought.

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