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Vestibular conditions can range in presentation from balance problems to very nauseating and disabling symptoms of vertigo and dizziness. They can result from dysfunction in the vestibular apparatus (the inner ear), an infection of the vestibular nerve, or even an insult to the brain. Sometimes they can come on spontaneously, and other times are a result of trauma (concussion) or disease. While the many vestibular symptoms and conditions can have a variety of causes, they can be debilitating and generally benefit from some sort of vestibular management and treatment.

We provide vestibular physiotherapy and rehabilitation at Neuromotion. Our therapists have taken various courses in vestibular rehabilitation and are trained in taking a detailed history and performing a comprehensive assessment which covers coordination, balance, and vestibular nerve function. Treatment and rehabilitation are specifically tailored to the assessment findings in order to address the client’s symptoms and needs.